Registration will be available in the Fall of 2024.
Registration will be available in the Fall of 2024.

Outreach is easy when it starts with GIVING


A collage of photos from Big Gives.
A collage of photos from Big Gives.

Join a national movement of generosity

Each year, churches across Canada bless and love their neighbourhoods through a day of giving extravagantly where EVERYTHING IS FREE!

The Big Give is run by volunteers who are fueled by a passion to love their communities and draw them into relationship with Jesus. Join us on Saturday June 7, 2025 and see what happens in your town.

Step 1

Understand what the Big Give is by reading our church agreement and statement of faith and register your church.

step 1

Step 2

Gather a team at your church to dream and pray over your plans for Saturday June 7, 2025.

step 2

Step 3

Pray some more and prepare for the big day using our free resources.

step 1
step 1

Connect with a big give champion in your area

Click on your community to connect with your regional champion. Don’t see your town? Click below to learn more about becoming a regional champion yourself.

  • Ottawa

    Kathy Blakely
  • Ottawa Valley

  • Toronto & GTA

    Dan Colantonia
  • West Island, Montreal

  • Western Ontario

  • British Columbia

asked questions

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1. What can my church do for The Big Give?

That’s up to you! Ideas include:

  • free household items give away
  • free clothing give away
  • free delivery for large items
  • a free fun day (carnival)
  • a free BBQ (be mindful of cultures)
  • a free concession or baked goods table
  • a free car wash and/or oil changes
  • a free outdoor concert
  • free haircuts, face painting or simple manicures
  • free bike repairs
  • free bagged lunches
  • free breakfast
  • free balloons for kids
  • free “prom” station
  • free shoe shinning
  • free free prayer booth, Bibles or church tours
  • free book give away (be mindful of content)
  • free Guitar lessons
  • free button sewing/mending
  • free movie in the park with free popcorn
  • free beach towels and sand toys for kids
  • free draws for special things like tickets to a game or event
  • free pony rides or animal farm

2. How much will it cost our church over and above the sign-up fee?

That depends on what you plan for the day and what items and services your volunteers are able to donate.

3. How many people will it take to coordinate this at my church?

It will take one key person who can then gather a volunteer team dependent on the size of the event.

4. When should I start planning?

We can help you get started as soon as you sign up. Ideally, churches will sign up as soon as possible since there are some aspects of the event that can benefit from additional lead time.

5. What if it rains?

The Big Give happens rain or shine! We recommend that every event plan includes a rain location in case of inclement weather.

6. If we go with a free garage sale, should we limit how much each person takes?

It’s not encouraged, as most people will only take as much as they can carry or as much as their car can hold.

7. Where will we get all the “stuff” if we choose to host a free garage sale?

It will come from anywhere and everywhere! The easiest start will be to ask your congregation and have them ask their friends and neighbours.

8. How and when do we begin to collect the items?

You can begin collecting items as early as you can accommodate them. For most churches, we recommend collecting about two weeks before the event as not to interfere with regular church programs. You will need a team to go through all the donations to ensure they’re appropriate to give away.

9. What do we do with anything left over after the event?

There are several places to give away what is left: The Salvation Army, Bibles for Missions, and any of your local second-hand stores or non-profit organizations that accept the type of items you have. Garbage and e-waste will also need to be disposed of appropriately. It is suggested that leftover clothing/shoes/small items be brought to Mission thrift, St Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army thrift stores, or suitable ministries in your area. Leftover computer/electronics should be brought to local businesses that accept for disposal or refurbishing. A team member should take a little time to determine where these businesses are in your local area before the big day, and have someone designated to transport these items.

10. Should we plan to help transport larger items?

If possible, it would be great to have volunteers with vans or trucks to help transport larger items to people’s homes.

11. Can we advertise our church programs?

While you are welcome to have some free resources about your church or ministry programs if anyone asks, please be mindful that the goal of the day is not to convince people to attend your church or programs.

12. How does our church benefit from becoming involved?

The Bible tells us that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Your church will be part of meeting some very practical needs in your neighbourhood, and people may ask you to explain why you would hold this type of event. You will also be symbolically joining with other churches and ministries in your city and across the country in a radical act of unity and love.

13. Will help be available during the planning process?

Of course! Our team will provide you with the resources and support to make your event a success. We’re here to help with planning, to foster idea sharing between churches, and to supply compelling advertising videos and materials.

14. Can we pray with people?

Yes, but only if asked by an event attendee. Some churches will choose to have a prayer tent or station as a way of opening that conversation.

15. What are we as a church not permitted to give away?

Please see the following link for details regarding items that are restricted

Is your question not answered?
Contact us directly.
Bouncy playground slide at Big Give event.
Group hangout at Big Give event.
Free nail painting at Big Give event.
Smiling man at Big Give event.
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Big Stories

Testimonies are what fuel the volunteers who run The Big Give. Here are some of our favourite stories from previous Big Gives. Register your church today and create your own testimonies of God’s goodness in your community.

Thank You

For more information on The Big Give, please contact Director, Kathy Blakely.

    Free BBQ at Big Give event.
    A large free garage sale at a Big Give.
    Bouncy playground slide at Big Give event.
    Bouncy castle slide at Big Give event.